Client: Island Creek Oyster Bar

Design: Oat Creative

This project was a blast and kicked off a great relationship with the design team at Oat, not to mention getting to work with one of the best restaurants in Boston.

Repeat was able to work with Oat to bring their design ideas to life by consulting on materials and finishing techniques for the menu covers. Produced in two sizes, the menus feature 3/1 letterpress printing on the front cover, and a custom letterpress printed and die-cut sticker placed into the debossed red pressboard back cover. The covers were then laminated for durability before being hand taped and drilled for binding.

Coasters were printed in four colorways and then edge painted safety orange for a pop of color against the neutral tones of the restaurant interior.

Production specs:

menus - 3/1 letterpress on custom board stock, die-cut sticker with 1/0 letterpress on Strathmore label stock, hand applied to debossed red pressboard, laminated, taped, and drilled.

coasters - 2/2 letterpress with edge paint. 



(photos courtesy of Oat Creative)