Founded in 2003 by Mike Dacey, Repeat Press is a full-scale contemporary letterpress studio, offering custom letterpress printing to designers, businesses, creative agencies, and individuals. Combining the knowledge of centuries-old print processes with an understanding of current-day design needs, Repeat Press is uniquely equipped to produce tactile, distinctive work at any project size. 

All work produced by Repeat Press is custom. Prospective clients are encouraged to reach out with questions and ideas for upcoming projects - please see the contact page for further info. Photopolymer plates are used in nearly all projects and allow for client designs to be printed exactly as envisioned. However, the studio does maintain an extensive assortment of vintage wood type which can be used to complement any project.

The Repeat Press studio houses a versatile array of presses including two 10x15 Heidelberg Windmills, a Vandercook SP20, and 10x15 Chandler & Price platen. Finishing techniques such as die cutting, scoring, duplexing, edge painting, and drilling are often called for and can be done in house. Other finishing options such as binding and laminating can be fulfilled through our network of outside vendors.

Repeat Press is located in Fringe, a multidisciplinary coworking space in Union Square, Somerville. Fringe houses over 15 other small businesses and creative studios, and has established itself as a hub of talent and creativity on a local and national level. Repeat Press founder Mike Dacey is also the director of Fringe, overseeing the growth and direction of the space.



"Right place, right time." The Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts turned out to be the best place in the world for a kid at a no-rules liberal arts college to discover letterpress in the early 2000's. With a background in graphic design, Mike was looking to get off the computer screen a bit when he learned about letterpress and soon realized he was living in a hotbed of activity for the printing arts. During his time at Hampshire College, he was able to learn from local letterpress printers such as Art Larson and Barry Moser, as well as seek out advice at John Barrett's world famous Letterpress Things in nearby Chicopee. While Repeat originally focused on traditional wood type posters for bands and events, Mike's connections in the design world led to more projects involving photopolymer plates, and the studio eventually found a niche in contemporary custom letterpress printing. 


Hailing from Midcoast Maine, where it seems everyone and his brother earn their keep by practicing one trade or another, it didn’t take long for George to realize an education in graphic design would not satisfy the itch he had to work with his hands. As luck would have it, his studies at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts led him to discover letterpress printing. In 2011, like so many men before him, he heard the call of the wild west and made the trek to Salt Lake City to pursue an apprenticeship in contemporary custom letterpress printing. Having tucked an intensive training under his belt, he jumped at the opportunity in 2014 to return to his east coast roots while continuing to do what he loves. Heading up production here at Repeat, George has an eagle eye for detail and can juggle two windmills like nobody’s business.


(photo courtesy stephanie crumley / bkb somerville, video by paper fortress)